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At least two semesters prior to the date you wish to begin a program, define your goals and begin researching programs that will best suit you. You can begin by visiting the International Office or Study Abroad Office of your university. There you will be able to access to a variety of reference materials about Erzurum Technical University. When you make your research, you can collect information on:

• application deadlines;

• whether you meet the eligibility and admission requirements;

• costs;

• accommodation;

• other services, such as social activities, provided by the organization running the program or by the host educational institution.

If your university has an exchange student agreement with Erzurum Technical University, contact your International Office for information about how to come to Erzurum Technical University, If your university does not have such an Agreement may apply directly to Erzurum Technical University, International Cooperations and Erasmus Office, which can always provide you with information and assistance.

How to Apply?

You need to fill out and send the following documents to ETU International Cooperations Office before the required deadline.

- Application form (is to be published by our office)

- Accommodation form (is to be published by in June for fall semester; and in January forspring semester. It could be sent by e-mail before the announced deadline)

- Official transcript (record of courses)

- Copy of passport

- Letter of intention

- Copy of health insurance valid in Turkey

- A passport sized photo

Application deadlines:

for Fall semester or Academic Year: May 31

for Spring semester: November 15

If you wish to know more about our university and Erzurum city, you can look through our Introductory Guide.

Erasmus Policy Statement of ETU Devam