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Fees & Costs

Exchange/Erasmus students coming to Erzurum Technical University pay tuition to their home universities, not to Erzurum Technical University, but may be asked to pay around 10 € (subject to change) fee for Erzurum Tour to the International Cooperations Office after their arrival. This fee covers one-day Erzurum Tour, museum enterances and lunch. Additional expenses are as follows:

Approximate Living Expenses

Dormitories (subjectto change):

Regardless of their nationality, all international students pay the same amount as Turkish students. All fees are subject to change. Dormitory fees may vary 150 – 250 € (some dormitories may include 3-meals per day) commonly for double room. Single room may increase the price.

Students are advised to bring enough cash which can be converted easily into Turkish Liras at one of the banks to cover deposits and the first month’s dormitory fee. Credit cards are not accepted. Students are required to make payments as indicated above upon arrival. Therefore, we advise students to bring the necessary initial payment in cash. Please also note that , if you wish to bring your laptop computer with you, internet access in the rooms is possible in all dormitories.

Students can find rental houses as well.The price for one month varies 150 – 350 € per month.

Incidental and Personal Expenses:

~100 € for Books and supplies

~200 € for Meals (in city center)

Students should also budget extra for travel.

Erasmus Policy Statement of ETU Devam