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Erzurum Technical University International Cooperations Office co-ordinates the Welcome and Orientation Program for Exchange and Visiting Students. The Orientation program usually starts two weeks prior to the beginning of semester. The orientation program consists of “Beginning Turkish”, a 3-credit course (6 ECTS with 42 hours) and “Contemporary Turkey”, a 3-credit course (6 ECTS with 42 hours), both of which will be partially completed before the semester begins.During the orientation program, the office also arranges tours of Erzurum and study trips to nearby historical sites. High quality sports facilities of Erzurum will also be introduced.

Contemporary Turkey: Politics and Policies course is offered in all semesters for all exchange/erasmus studentsand attendance is compulsory during the two-week orientation program; however,it is optional to take it as a credit course during the semester.

Beginning Turkish course is offered to all exchange/erasmus and visiting/special students and attendance iscompulsory during the orientation program; however, it is optional to take itas a credit course during the semester.

Exchange Students are met at the airport by Erzurum Technical University host students upon request. For the first few days these host students are available throughout the day to help new students settle in, make telephone calls, use the bank and other facilities, and in general, to learn how to get around the campus and the city.

Erasmus Policy Statement of ETU Devam